Pine Sky Finnish Lapphunds

The Finnish Lapphund is a medium sized spitz breed. They have a rugged coat of a northern dog with the temperament of a herding dog. These dogs are intelligent, alert, friendly and eager to learn. They are relatively passive to people and make great family dogs especially for little ones.

Ideally males are around 19 inches tall and females are 17 inches tall. Finnish Lapphunds (lappies) are known for a variety of coat colorations such as: blonde, sable wolf, black & tan, brown, domino, solid, blue, lilac, cream etc. The list of colors really does go on and they are considered one of the most diverse in breed colorations. Their coats require regular brushing of a minimum of once every 2 weeks. We recommend the line brushing technique to get to all that fur underneath. Lappies only require trimming on the feet and hocks. Their coats protect them in cold and warm temperatures so shaving is not appropriate.

Overall their temperament is submissive, vocal (as many herding breeds are), alert, intelligent, agile and friendly. Depending on temperament of the individual puppies these dogs will do well in a active pet home or sporting home. All puppies will be temperament tested and suggestions will be made by the breeder where each puppy will be best suited.

For a Puppy Application please email us at [email protected]

Our Females

Maplemyst’s Little Brown Jug “Kovaa”

Kovaa is our founding female. She is a beautiful rich brown coated female. She is mischievous, clever and sassy. We expect great sport prospect puppies from her. She has won Best of Opposite Sex in the fall of 2021. She will continue to excel in the show ring. 


BISS GCHB Maplemyst’s Sledding Under a Pine Sky “Kelkka”

Kelkka is co-owned with Manon Brisebois of Maplemyst. She is a striking black & tan girl with a full coat. She has such a sweet demeaner and presents as soft and thoughtful. Since her show ring debut last year she has gone on to earn her grand championship as well as won the 2023 National Specialty event for Finnish Lapphunds. This made her the first Female to win this distinction in the history of the event. In 2023, she also reached the top of the breed rankings for the Finnish Lapphund with over 1000 points by October. 

Kelkka is professionally handled by Chelby Marling & Team Ace who plan on taking her international in 2024 and hopefully on to Westminster.


Our Males

Ember Pine and Maple Trails “Kivi”

Kivi is a super playful boy with a full brown coat. He has a super high-drive for play with energy for days, but also enjoys just chilling out and cuddling on the couch. We have high hopes for him in the show and agility rings and provided he passes all of his health checks we think he will be a fantastic addition to our breeding program. 

Kivi is co-owned with Manon Brisebois of MapleMyst


Maplemyst Shadagrace Black Bear “Karhu”

Karhu is a striking black & tan male. He is a smart, confident and clever boy. He has achieved his Grand Championship in show in November 2021. He has competed and achieved Best of Breed 9 times. Karhu is a great representation of the breeds esthetics and personality. Unfortunately he has genetic markers we do not wish to breed and therefore is not a sire. He will continue to be an advocate for his breed and compete in dog agility.