Pine Sky Icelandic Sheepdogs

Icelandic Sheepdogs, also known as Viking Dogs, are a compact herding breed believed to be descendants of the dogs who accompanied the Vikings from Norway to Iceland in AD 880. They are spirited and very lively, but also highly trainable. Heights can range from 13 to 19 inches, with variations to the coat ranging from Short to Long haired which are easily maintained requiring only regular brushing.

As working dogs they herd everything from birds to horses, using traditional herding body language or if all else fails, their bark. This high energy breed requires regular exercise to keep it both mentally and physically stimulated. The Icelandic Sheepdog adapts well to both urban and country lifestyle and is an enthusiastic companion. Very friendly, inquisitive, and playful, they love kids and are a great family addition.

Our Icelandic’s are all active in both the show and Agility rings, as well as enjoy playing Disc.


Greenstones Cinnamin Girl “Cinn”

Cinn is the girl who started it all for us. She was our families first Icey and because of her we fell in love with the breed which has started us on our journey to bring more awareness to the breed in Canada. Born in 2008, she never set foot in a show ring but she did become a National Champion in AAC Agility and achieved the coveted Lifetime Achievement award. Cinn retired from Agility and Disc in 2022 at the age of 14.


Auðurs Loka Héla

Héla was born in 2019 at Biggs Ranch in Coronation, Alberta. Her parents were working Icey’s who herded Icelandic Sheep and Horses. Héla has a bubbly personality, with an adoration for everyone. She is not very barky, only vocalizing when very excited or being prompted to bark. She is known in the show rings to be the one who wants to kiss all the judges and wont stop wagging as soon as they touch her. She competes in Agility with Neil and demonstrates her devotion to him every time they enter the ring together, wanting to be by his side at all times and always looking to please.

Héla has passed all of her health checks.

Héla is currently expecting a litter of 3 beautiful puppies check out of social media for updates!

Milkweed Isd Alda Gna “Soul”

Soul is a firey little girl with a cloudy coat and very high drive. She originates from Algonquin Highlands where her Mother and Aunt herd sheep so like her cousin Héla she is no stranger to farm life. Soul has a very loving personality and is very devoted to her family, but also has a very high play drive, being one of the fastest dogs we own at only just over a year old. She is currently in training for Agility and Disc and provided she passes all of her health checks we hope to have her first litter in late 2024 to early 2025.


Stassa Pine Sky Tyr

Tyr is our first Icey Boy and provided he passes all of his health checks we hope to establish strong lines for years to come with his genetics. He is quite soft in the home but a spitfire when its time to play. He is also training for Agility and Disc.