K9 Agility Training

K9 Agility Training

Agility is one of our favorite activities at Four Paws Ready Inn. We are all National Level Competitors and are active members of the Agility Association of Canada.

Agility Classes at Four Paws Ready Inn are offered in both group and private sessions. Group sessions are a great way to get your dog used to working with distractions, meet new people, and learn new skills with others who are at the same experience level as yourself. Private lessons are a good option for those who have a busy schedule, reactive dogs, and those who feel they need the one on one experience.

Group classes are provided at multiple levels, ranging from basic foundations for those who have never played before to Master class for those who are actively competing. Sessions are 4 weeks in duration with a 1 hour per week schedule. Class availability and scheduling is subject to the number of interested parties.

Private classes are just you, your dog, and the trainer. Sessions are structured around your dogs experience level and progress as you and your dog learn. Classes are $25 per 30 minute session and scheduled based on trainer availability.

On-site facilities are outdoors from April to November. Presently there are no classes during the winter months. For more information, please call  (705) 789-8302 or email: [email protected]

NOTE: All vaccinations must be up-to-date including “bordetella”.  A copy of your pet’s inoculation record is also required at time of registration and young puppies must have had their 2nd inoculations. Basic Obedience Training is a prerequisite.  For your dog’s overall health and the safety of others, please ensure all of these conditions are met.