Professional service with a personal touch 
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Have access to a health professional veterinarian
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Have access to a health professional veterinarian
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Best Equipment

Our clinic has the best monitoring, diagnostic and even pet life support equipment

24/7 Ready

Our veterinarians are read to come to your pet’s aid on a 24/7, ER basis. Whenever the emergency calls!

Skilled Veterinarians

During our 25 years in the business of saving pets’ lives, we’ve gathered a seasoned team of pros.

Success Rate

Pets who got their issue solved with us permanently stand at a proud 90% rate and higher!

Save a life
adopt a pet
true friend

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Our Team

With each of our medical team’s members being proud pet owners themselves, forming that special connection with your friend and saving all the pets under any circumstances is a personal mission for them.

Pattie Page

Pattie Page

Owner & Chief Operator

Pattie has over 12 years experience as the lead supervisor of a large kennel which houses up to 70 dogs at a time. As the lead
Neil Longtin

Neil Longtin

Owner & PR Manager

Neil became involved in the world of dogs over 10 years ago when he became involved with Bryce while she was working at another kennel. Over
Bryce Longtin

Bryce Longtin

Owner & Head Trainer

Bryce began her Kennel career at the age of 9, and proceeded to volunteer and eventually work full time as an animal care provider for a
Darren Page

Darren Page

Owner & Facilities Manager

Darren has been involved in the operation of a Kennel for the past 12 years. He has been actively competing in Agility and Disc with his

Request a Consultation

Whichever specific health issue you’re currently facing, we’ll be more than glad to give you a pre-appointment, free consultation on it!

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What people say about us. Here are comments from individuals who have visited PetCenter.

When my dog Charles suffered from the Parvo disease last year, I was absolutely stressed out because of that. Thanks God there are veterinarians like these, who save one pet life at a time!

Terrence Malick

Oh Wow! What an amazing place! Great care, extremely clean, and very affordable. These people are on a mission to provide quality pet care in a great environment.

T. Palmer

A few months ago my cat Janice began to behave kind of strangely… this became my concern and after a checkup it turned our she had a pox disease.

Theresa Palmer

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